Suburban Savages

Photo: Jan Ove Larheim

Suburban Savages is a Progressive rock band from Oslo, Norway

Out of the savaged suburbs of Oslo comes the brainchild of Trond Gjellum – drummer from the legendary Norwegian prog rock band Panzerpappa. Suburban Savages consists of members from Panzerpappa, The Samuel Jackson Five, Mt.Mélodie, Fraction Distraction and Electrond – bands that have distinguished themselves as playful ensembles with a willingness to expand the boundaries of pop and rock. The result is unique: The catchy simplicity of pop music is mixed with the mind-blowing complexity of progressive rock.

With a direct and to-the-point delivery of power, emotion and groove, Suburban Savages’ music is always entertaining, often hummable, sometimes danceable and even reluctantly laughable. Though experimental and eclectic, the music always manages to be pleasant. Extensive use of melodic percussion and flute besides classic rock instruments as drums, guitars and bass guitar, contribute to produce a fresh and captivating sound (source: Suburban Savages' Facebook page).


Trond Gjellum

vocals, drums, percussion, programming, synths, drum-machines, samples

Anders Kristian Krabberød

bass, chapman stick, nylon string guitar, synths, e-bow guitar,backing vocals

Mari Lesteberg

vocals, keyboards, synths

Thomas Meidell

vocals, electric and acoustic guitars, electric sitar, bass VI, synths, theremin, omnichord, field-recordings, samples