Music technologist, Composer and Musician

Mari Lesteberg

Bachelor's degree in Musicology, Master's degree in Music, Communication and Technology. Vocalist and Keyboard player in progressive rock bands Fraction Distraction and Suburban Savages. Creater of MIDI art and other compositions for her own YouTube channel.

Recent Projects and news

A selection of my most recent projects

Universitetsplassen Podcast #86: Klimaangst

Latest podcast I contibuted to creating as a sound engineer, from Universitetsplassen Podcast.
"Hva er egentlig klimaangst? Og hva gjør at særlig unge mennesker rammes? Hva er forskjellen på klimaangst og klimabekymring? Og kan angsten avhjelpes eller brukes til noe konstruktivt?"

Micro and Macro - Master's thesis project

Master's thesis project where I was designing and implementing browser-based prototypes for accessible musical interactions. The apps were tested out by people with low motor skills. This blogpost briefly describes the project, and also the whole thesis can be read for those who will be interested.

Suburban Savages - Demagogue Days

The lates album by my band Suburban Savages, described as a sort of mishmash between Brian Eno’s experimental pop music, Gentle Giant's counterpoint exercises, Happy the Man and Kit Watkins' joyful progressive rock, Lars Hollmer's sentimental melodies, Steve Reich's minimalism and post rock with a twist