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About Mari

In December 2021, she completed her Master's Degree in Music, Communication and Technology at the University of Oslo. In her Master Thesis, Mari was designing and implementing several web-apps for musicking with motion in the air. As a musician and composer, Mari is a member of two progressive rock bands: Fraction Distraction and Suburban Savages, and in 2017 she made music compositions with MIDI visualisation that went viral on her Youtube channel. For years Mari was working as a social worker on institutions for people with disabilities, and in the later years she have worked as a research assistant in several projects at the University of Oslo. This last year, she has been working as a sound engineer and technician for Universitetsplassen Podcast at UiO. Mari's career and education choices reflect some important facets of her personality: Mari is an empath with humane qualities, at the same time being open, flexible and creative.


Concerts, workshops and events


Master's Degree in Music, Communication and Technology, University of Oslo


Bachelor's Degree in Musicology, University of Oslo

September, 2021

Concert at Ultima Festival, with the Transmission Project, a collaboration between University of Oslo and University of Athens

May, 2021

Online Workshop for WoNoMute about Web Audio API

February, 2020

Workshop for WoNoMute about Pure Data and MobMuPlat

May, 2019

Technican at INTIMAL performance, artistic research project by Ximena Alarcon


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